Here We Go Magic – Here We Go Magic (2009)


i’ve been coming back to this album over and over throughout the past couple of months, and every time i’m surprised with how engaging it remains. Luke Temple, a singer-songwriter who mostly dabbled in quaint and effective (if not particularly distinctive) acoustic indie before recording the Here We Go Magic album largely stream-of-conscious over the course of a few months in 2008.

while luke’s voice and songwriting still lies at the forefront, they are combined with a meditative repetition and hazy electronics that recalls late 70s German experimentalists like Popol Vuh. while this description admittedly sounds pretentious on paper, Temple’s music is anything but. his sweet, child-like vocals, simple lyrics, and penchant for melody will hook you quickly; it’s the immaculate layering and attention to sonic detail that will keep you coming back.

to me, the most refreshing thing about here we go magic is the effective utilization of the whole lo-fi aesthetic that’s sweeping the nation. instead of shouting obnoxious distorto-child vocals over a couple of chords and waiting for the reviews to roll in, temple takes a painstakingly detail-oriented approach and commits himself to the medium that best conveys the quiet restraint of his music.  his songs float in and out like those otherworldly thoughts that appear in your head in between waking and sleep. these glimpses often leave as they came, without any solid introduction or ending or even more than one repeating phrase, but as luke temple obviously knows, there can be great beauty in that which is fleeting.

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