just a quick update.


hey all-

so i’ve been kind of busy (and not-so busy) lately. i’ve been at home in cleveland for the past few weeks, enjoying the weather, living and dying by the cavs playoff performances, spending time with friends, getting ready for my move as well as my mothers.

now i know what you’re wondering; “brian, how are we supposed to know what to listen to when you are out having a life and not blogging about relevant, authentic bands?” i honestly don’t have an answer for you, and i’m sorry. but i’ll squeeze a few things in this post.

the debut full-length from boston’s Passion Pit, Manners, is immaculate. i won’t upload it here, since i’m fairly sure they are getting upstreamed to Columbia and therefore RIAA-affiliated, but if there’s any album or band deserving of your money, it’s PP. vocalist, keyboardist, and songwriter Michael Angelkos could handily teach a 500 level class on Crafting Pop Songs; the incredible amount of layers, intersecting melodies, and pandemic-level hooks hit just about every erogenous zone. many have already heard the single ‘Sleepyhead’, which appears on Manners unchanged from the Chunk of Change EP, as well as the new video and single for ‘the reeling’, a buzzing, urgent rollercoaster of a song sporting a massive refrain. however, nothing on Manners tops the near-flawless ‘Folds In Your Hands’. the track hastily pulses and beats, while Angelkos’ croon absolutely soars overhead. you have not lived until you drive through your town, windows down, wailing ‘feel it rain! feel it rain! my love, feel it rain!’ to passersby. passion pit stripped away every last shred of pretense and created one of the best pop albums in years. they are that rare breed that can keep you dancing while the building collapses around you.

>>> DOWNLOAD  ‘Folds In Your Hands’ from Manners


One Response to “just a quick update.”

  1. kontursag Says:

    i’m not sure how I feel about the new Passion Pit. “Chunk of Change” is fantastic, and I’m not sure they can really top it.

    added to my blogroll

    kontursag.wordpress.com if you nasty

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