Just a few things.



looking north from Lawrence Avenue at Lake Michigan

looking north from Lawrence Avenue at Lake Michigan



i’m too out of it to review anything right now. i really just need to go home for a few weeks, push the ‘reset’ button, and come back out in june and move in and start it up. so if there’s not a whole lot on here in the next few weeks, i apologize. here is a list of things for you to do in the mean time;

  1. Go download the entire Woods discography from Shock Mountain. i am in love with this band, and james has already written a great write up about them and posted all of their releases. seriously, i can’t reccommend them enough. this band is so addicting. james and max have also greatly stepped up their game lately, bringing crazy amounts of awesome, diverse, obscure music as well as classics from across the spectrum. hopefully, i can soon find the inspiration to get this thing running as smoothly as SM.
  2. go outside and enjoy spring! go somewhere near you that you’ve never been or haven’t been in a long time.
  3. i made a tumblr again. i don’t know why. i am just that important and creative, i guess. follow me, yall.
  4. i haven’t really been ‘on the prowl’ lately, so most of the shit i’ve been into lately has directly correlated with pitchfork’s best new music, so there’s really no point for me to write about any of it. i guess i am just a sheep who will listen to whatever pitchfork tells me to. i need to wake up. these albums are wonderful though, and you should listen to them.

Japandroids – Post-Nothing – fuzzed-out, rambunctious garage rock from Vancouver 

Cymbals Eat Guitars – Why There Are Mountains – jangly 90’s influenced indie rock from Staten Island

Abe Vigoda – Reviver EP – SoCal band ditches the tropical-punk of their debut for something darker


that’s it. have a blessed day.


One Response to “Just a few things.”

  1. joe Says:

    haha i like the japandroids album cover

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