more experimental greatness from LA’s Not Not Fun label (emeralds, pocahaunted, robedoor, etc.), this time from the Atlantic shore. Ducktails is Matt Mondanile from Ridgewood, New Jersey, and he uses old synths, tapes, guitars, and loops to create different styles of experi-tropical (do you see what I did there? wordsmith!) sounds. Acre of Shades consists of two sunbaked, 10-minute gusts of summery drones, while the short but sweet Ducktails adds some pop to the mix. the Ducktails II cassette compiles it all into 10 bite sized portions of haze and glitter. throw this on and close your eyes, and you can almost see the sun shimmering on the water through the thick heat waves. Ducktails’ Mondanile sets up a specific theme and mood and, utilizing a few different styles, settles into them perfectly. great stuff. click ‘read more’ to check out some releases.

p.s. my close friend Brad N. is blogging in fine form at sleeper hold. keep tabs on it via the list of champions on the right side of your screen (wtf is a blogroll)

Acres Of Shade





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