Show Review: inbirdseye/Elephant Gun


(i know i said i would post this yesterday… fail. look out for The Thermals later tonight.)

so i saw a couple bands this past saturday night out in the illustrious burgh of Logan Square. i have enough fun out there that every time i get to hop on the Fullerton or Diversey bus, i know i’m in for a solid night. this trend continued on saturday night.

we arrived to find just the right amount of people buzzing about; not jammed, but not awkwardly underpopulated either. we made a bee-line for the basement and watched the final song of the first band, a Kansas City folk-punk duo whose name I sadly forget. sorry dudes.

the above bros, better known as inbirdseye from northern indiana, played next. i was excited to hear them after downloading one of their tracks off shock mountain, and they impressed the hell out of me. their mathy, anthemic indie rock was perfectly suited for midwestern basements, and they all meshed incredibly tightly. inbirdseye’s biggest strength seems to lie in their ability to make these big, detailed songs sound pretty laid-back and effortless. real solid dudes, i hope to see them again. you can find a link to their three song demo here.

Illinois folk-punk battalion Elephant Gun rounded out the night, and they were a blast from the opening. I wasn’t sure what to expect when i saw all the horns and violins and pianos in such a setting, maybe some sort of rustic, sensitive brand of indie Americana or whatever. Every single member of the band was a joy to watch and played well, and their energy never got spread too thinly across everyone. All of the vocal trade-offs and instrument switching added to the ramshackle nature of the music, but they always stayed focused and energetic. any fans of earlier Against Me! or World/Inferno Friendship Society will find a lot to like here.

p.s. you can now purchase digital copies of His Hideous Heart’s new album on CDBaby. High quality, DRM-free, no bullshit. Click here!


One Response to “Show Review: inbirdseye/Elephant Gun”

  1. John Says:

    I’m really digging this inbirdseye 3 song demo. Thanks man.

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