Only The Earth Can Make A Tree


my band’s new album is streaming over on our myspace. listen to our songs and tell us what you think.

it was recorded, engineered, produced, and mixed by andy wildrick and casey crescenzo (the dear hunter) in cranston, rhode island in july of 2008. it was mastered by carl saff in chicago, illinois in march 2009. it will be available digitally from us beginning april 9th, on itunes sometime after that, and physical copies will be available some time after both of those. we’re not charging anything for our digital copies, but if you do like what you hear and have a little scratch to spare, we have a paypal link on our myspace where you can make a donation. it will be available on itunes for about 6 bones, and physical copies won’t cost much more, probably just enough to cover the packaging costs.

i think i can speak for the band when i say that we are incredibly psyched to finally be able to share these songs with you. i would be lying if i said that making this record was a completely pain-free experience, but we learned so much about ourselves, each other, and our music that any hardships were more than worth it. we poured a lot into these songs and these recordings, and casey and andy always matched our dedication and drive in making sure our vision was understood. we would be nowhere without their expertise and guidance. our debt to them is mighty.

i see this record as our way of attempting to give something back to everyone who has ever inspired or helped us. the list of people who have helped me make sense of my short time on this planet is a long one, and these songs are theirs, not ours. that’s one of the reasons we are mostly giving it away for free. you don’t need to be paying us; this is our payment to anyone who has ever been there for anyone in this band. as converge singer jake bannon put it, “this is for the hearts still beating.”

thanks so much for listening. we love you.


3 Responses to “Only The Earth Can Make A Tree”

  1. RJ Says:

    dancing in the wind just you and IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII and no one down below knows whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  2. whomadecookies Says:

    i want to buy this from yall but you guys arent in cleveland


  3. Chad Bonanno Says:

    dude NICE! I have to say my favorites are Dancing in the Wind and Nine Month Calendar. Well done

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