Hudson Mohawke – Polyfolk Dance EP (2009)


i’m pumped that warp records has decided to further explore some experimental hip-hop, after the success of prefuse 73 and more recently, the well-deserved hype around Flying Lotus. While Guillermo Scot-Herron of Prefuse and Steve Ellison use hip hop as the foundation for their complex, layered, introverted sound exercises, Glaswegian Hudson Mohawke, aka HudMo, crafts mind-twisting bangers designed for the acid-drenched dancefloor. ‘monde’ takes 90’s west coast fuzz bass and heavy, loose thud and wraps it in twinkling, skittering synths, resulting in something that sounds like Dr. Dre on ecstasy in the park on a sunny day. the clear highlight here is ‘overnight’, which straps just blaze’s horns, samples of  t.i.’s trademark chants, and mangled female r&b vox to a turbulent low end roller coaster and sends it flying. unfortunately, it’s scant two minute play time cuts far before you want to get off. that’s really the only problem here; most of the tracks end right when they hook you in.

hopefully, this impressive EP is just a taste of what’s to come from HudMo. the willingness to experiment with rhythms and sounds without leaving the party make Polyfolk Dance difficult to put down.


4 Responses to “Hudson Mohawke – Polyfolk Dance EP (2009)”

  1. joe Says:

    definitely sent this to you a while ago

    wtf is ’90’s west coast fuzz bass’???

  2. rob Says:

    im kinda iff on the shit i just pulled up on the youtubes…but its aight

    they’re both on warp, but GSH II is probably the most talented producer Ive ever heard..check out his savath and savalas moniker as well

  3. Doe John Says:

    this shit is over the hill! damn, best warped stuff EVER! love!!!! grazy!! adsdfdsf

  4. […] Hudson Mohawke is Ross Birchard, a young producer making his mark on the blogging commuinity. The man was first signed to Warp in 2007 and has been mixing sensational beats for them ever since. Up until this point, he has released various EP’s and 12″ splits, but this is (to my knowledge) his first full length album. Arguably one of the coolest things about this release is the deluxe edition’s packaging. If you’re willing to drop $50 on this release, BLEEP will send you the album and a t-shirt in a butter tub-that’s right, a butter tub. They even have a diagram you can view here. If you enjoy this release, check out Brian’s write up of his Polyfolk Dance EP over at When We Were Younger and Better. […]

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