Taking a (spring) break.


yes, the last post was sarcastic. just a fun little inside joke.

i’m at home in cleveland right now, so i doubt i’ll be listening to enough music to be able to find something to post here. we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming next week…

in the meantime, tell me what some of your favorite spring time albums are.




7 Responses to “Taking a (spring) break.”

  1. jo Says:

    wtf is a JOKE

  2. Jeff Says:

    +/- [plus/minus]

    they kept me happy during break

  3. max Says:

    i plan to listen exclusively to air france this spring

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  4. Kyle Says:

    Candy Claws “In the Dream of the Sea Life”

    Check it out.

  5. Brian S Says:

    Précis by Benoît Pioulard. It’s pretty much defining spring for me atm

  6. Jack F. Says:

    OWEN has kept me happy over the break/

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