Why I hate mainstreamers.


you just had to do it, didn't you?

alright, I’m fucking sick of my email inbox getting flooded with requests to approve comments from people with busted-ass sarcasm detectors and the inability to read the very next post after this one, which you should have to read first before getting to this post since they are in chronological order. So here it is: this is a JOKE. i don’t remotely feel this way about anything, it’s a stupid inside joke with some kids on a forum I post on. cool out.

I really hate to play the audio snob card, but I get so sick of the people I see here every day who are so hopelessly caught up in mainstream music that it makes me question our future of society. I mean, I do understand that not everyone can have as advanced a grasp on the art of sound as myself, but I feel like no effort is even made.

to any mainstreamers who may be reading this (via the Stumble! button in their toolbar)

to any mainstreamers who may be reading this (via the Stumble! button in their toolbar)

i see people walking around on the streets with silly little iPod headphones on, probably listening to some dreck that would make me break down in convulsions if it ever crossed my ear-brain barrier (where is it?). and i realized something… i am better than these people. they will never hear a Kid A vinyl the way i have. they will never be able to have that meaningful, life-redefining experience. and that really struck me as important. that made my goal here that much more clear to me.

guys, it is my duty to supply you with the tiny pieces of my vast, unrelenting musical expertise you need to survive. like so many mice, i know you come to me for the slightest taste of anything that will fall off the table containing the veritable (yet obscure) feast that is my taste in music. i accept this responsibility.

remember to keep checking this blog for updates if you too feel the desire to rise above the huddled, useless masses.


i know there was a post before this, but i deleted it since this one gets the real message across better.

19 Responses to “Why I hate mainstreamers.”

  1. humblisticalityism Says:

    this is assuming, of course, that we readers haven’t risen above said masses already if not before you ‘took initiative’ which, while always a possibility is equally as trivial and a pathetic replacement for time and space which, if you think like me, is too beautiful a thing to waste on name-dropping radiohead to establish a lifetime supply of online indie cred as you testify from behind your ever-so-holy keyboard.

    your humble reader

  2. andy Says:

    “I really hate to play the audio snob card…”

    You’ve activated my trap card~ >:3

  3. RJ Says:

    Kay Kay on vinyl>Kid A on vinyl

  4. jo Says:

    andy hivemind

  5. jo Says:

    also wtf is VINYL

  6. Ryan Says:

    hahaha love this post. I agree with the WAKE UP. OPEN YOUR EYES. part, but not just applying to music but to much, much more

  7. Ryan Says:

    hahaha love this post. I agree with the WAKE UP. OPEN YOUR EYES. part, but not just applying to music but to much, much more
    Sorry… forgot to say great post – can’t wait to read your next one!

  8. James Says:


  9. Ryan Says:

    i didn’t post that second one with the “sorry forgot to say part”… what. the. eff.

  10. hipsterstereotype Says:

    lolol. are you shneerious? go die. if sarcasm, don’t.

  11. you are a Says:


  12. heymyboyyeah Says:

    this does not make you a better human being. good taste doesn’t always make good people, and music belongs to everyone.

    i also got trolled.

  13. R.Bizzle Says:

    [the following commenter got trolled]

    You are a knob mate. This would be quite funny if it was sarcasm, but… jeez. Who do you think they are? People will listen to what they want. Pushing your own musical preferences is no better than a record label pushing their band. Thanks for posting that pic of yourself, if I see you about in Chicago I will punch you.

  14. gunrunner Says:

    My point is :

    Oh uniformly stupid mass of people, thank you all for existing, thus I feel (naturally) so smart.

    We should absolutely NEVER convince of argue people to to conform to our beliefs, tastes and stuff, firstly because they don’t deserve it, then because it generally comforts then in their own beliefs, ideas, tastes, which is quite anti-productive.

  15. gunrunner Says:

    And a big LOL to people who think “people listen to what they want”, did they hear about determinism? This just like voting, people don’t vote for what they want, it only depends on where you were born and no one chooses the place/social class/ethnicity to be born.

  16. pretentious cockbag Says:

    (dude, how busted are some people’s sarcasm detectors? or ability to read the post above this one? jesus christ.)

    Brian, you are so superior for having “obscure” taste in music. Kid A? Are you fucking serious? Oh wait, it was on vinyl, so that makes you cool. Nothing says “obscure” taste in music like Radiohead. This is my first/last visit to your blog, thanks for solidifying my opinion of you as a complete tool. You are an embarrassment to your band, maybe you should be practicing bass instead of posting on your blog. Jackass.

  17. Tocko Says:

    You are a turd burger.

  18. tocko Says:

    turd burger! TURD BURGER!!! TURD BURGER



    SO I hear you’re a TURD BURGER

  19. tocko Says:


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