Mountains – Choral (2009)


EDIT: the link should work now (via megaupload). i put my trust in you, filedropper. and you let me down.

i’ve heard a few good things about Mountains over the past week or so, but hesitated to check them out due to the slight Emeralds overdose i was recovering from. but i finally picked it up, and it’s wonderful. mountains and emeralds share some of the same textures, with swirling, attack-sapped keys drifting around with soft brushes of static noise. mountains occasionally bring it back to reality though, with the folky acoustic guitar interludes that mark the beginnings and ends of the movements. mountains set themselves apart by suggesting a different range of emotion than many similarly minded acts. while emeralds and the ilk use the soundscapes and subliminal melodies to invoke a state of blissful isolation, mountains somehow feel more populist. i would liken the floating rhodes of ‘telescope’ or the guitar plucks of ‘add infinity’ to lying in a park on a sunny day than staring out over a barren landscape; more of bright, warm red sunlight through closed eyelids than lonely ebbs of tide. they’ve somehow managed to create drone that’s perfect for spring, which i can totally get behind.

p.s. my good friend austin is blogging at the high road, which i have added to the list of classy destinations better known as my ‘blogroll’ [wtf is a blogroll]. he’s always got something on his mind, and it’s usually pretty interesting. go check it out.

5 Responses to “Mountains – Choral (2009)”

  1. jo Says:

    wtf is a ‘rhode’

  2. Jack F. Says:

    hey dewd. its just taking me to the file dropper homepage. either the link is wrong or they already took it down…

  3. Brian Says:

    it’s back ^

  4. no Says:

    its gone again
    like my spine

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