Bird Patterns / At Dusk


two – count ’em – two awesome mathy bands from the left half of the country coming at you right now. we’ll start with the more conventional of the two.

at dusk are from portland, OR. they’ve been putting out records and playing shows for most of this decade. the most immediate comparison people will draw is to minus the bear, but the similarities pretty much end at the polyrhythmic guitar work. first off, the vocals are far more dynamic and immediate than jake snider’s bored drawl. they match the happily, relatively brusk nature of the music itself, which contains just enough distortion and power chords to taste. the tones and production on here are top-notch, and the overall structure shows a remarkable level of maturity and comfort for such a little-known (nationally) band. apparently their next record is going to be “miniaturist, minimalist, nearly percussionless, prog folks songs”, so keep a lookout for that too.

At Dusk – You Can Know Danger (2006)

next up is bird patterns, a solo act from tuscon, AZ. this short, sweet, instrumental EP covers about as much ground as anyone could within three songs. if you can imagine 65daysofstatic demoing some ghost and vodka covers, you’re generally on the right track. it starts with friendly finger-tapping squaring off with skittering beats and programmed drums, before eventually giving way to some big guitars and heavy electronic hits. it’s really some impressive stuff to be coming out of one 20 year old, and i’m excited to see what bird patterns does next.

Bird Patterns – EP (2009)

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