Mark McGuire


(something about sharing a name with the famous baseball player)

ok. out of the way.

Mark McGuire is one-third of Emeralds (see previous post). he uses his electric guitar and slew of loop and effect pedals to add some additional texture and the occasional barely-tangible melody to their glacial drones. his solo efforts occupy a similar place as his band, but with a much heavier reliance on melody and the guitar itself. taking cues from minimalists like steve reich, McGuire utilizes repetition, phasing, layering, and slight variation to bring subtle life to the graceful simplicity of his melodies and structures. artists like mcguire, able to achieve gorgeous results both alone and collaboratively, are always exciting. i was able to track down four of his releases, but there are more out there. all of these were released on cassette tapes, so it’d be fun to track down the physical copies. cover art after the jump. i might update this if i find more of mark’s stuff.

Guitar Meditations (2008)

Tidings II (2009)

Amethyst Waves (2oo8)

Let Us Be The Way We Were (2008)


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