Emeralds – What Happened (2009)


emeralds, direct from the 440/216 (cleveland), are a three piece improvisational group of musicians specializing in noise and drone music. using vintage electronics and heavily-effected guitars and keys, emeralds’ sound exists just inches beneath the surface of the water, floating just above the murky abyss while the sun and blue sky is refracted and rendered amorphous through the movements and ripples. the sounds on here, however subtlely, suggest so many different sources and emotions. unlike other drone, emeralds soundscapes are far from barren. they suggest rebirth and cleansing, a sigh of relief emitted by a grateful planet rid of its toxins. the moist gray of pre-dawn on the first humanless day. sun glinting across waves as they crash on abandoned docks.

keep your ears to the ground.

p.s. one of my absolute favorite blogs, ill-formed, have made the switch to wordpress. smart move! they specialize in any and all independent music designed to explore new sonic territory. their knowledge and ear for quality put them near the very top of the game. i’ve updated my link to them on my blogroll, so you can visit them any time.


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