…And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead – The Century Of Self (2009)


i can really only think of two words to describe this record: balls out. everything about this record can be summed up in those two words, from the deep-in-the-red mastering to the meandering, epic song structures. trail of dead have spent the better part of the decade wallowing in a sort of critical swamp, with their post-source tags & codes output doing poorly in sales and even worse in critical circles. i think it’s safe to say that most of the music listening public who had been so eager to deem trail of dead the new kings of rock after ST&C were just as ready to forget them after years of befuddled experimentation and only faint reminders of the glory days. on the century of self, trail of dead cut away the periphery that took so much away from their last two outings while greatly boosting the vitals. from the intro of  ‘giants causeway’ on, the ensuing noise threatens to rip the diaphragms of your speakers to shreds. the clear standout here is ‘isis unveiling’ with its frantic gallop and conrad keely’s distinctive vocals hanging on for dear life until the song gives way to an ominous war chant. trail of dead have managed to remind us why they ever mattered in the first place without simply rehashing their golden days. i guess everyone deserves a fourth chance.

p.s. DO NOT, i repeat DO NOT bother listening to this album at any setting other than ‘loud as fuck’. seriously. don’t put it on in the background while you’re reading or cooking a meal and then come back to bitch about how you don’t get what the big deal is. this is rock and roll.

p.p.s. – native show review coming soon. hopefully i can find some pics.


2 Responses to “…And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead – The Century Of Self (2009)”

  1. Brad Says:

    ya kind of boring rock and roll

  2. b.LOUD Says:

    Thanks SO much.

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