Chromatic Flights – The Favorite Cat EP (2008)


after being woken up far too early this morning, i begrudgingly sat at the computer to find some music. i can’t for the life of me remember how i got this EP, but it’s been sitting on my ‘recently obtained’ list for awhile so i decided to throw it on. pretty great stuff, i think. warm, chirping, subdued ambient electronic pop that is generally perfect for too-early mornings in the city. while tracking down the album art for this post, i found the Chromatic Flights myspace only to discover that this is a one-man, or should i say, one-teen affair. 17 year old kyle wyss from florida helms a sound that is far beyond his years and most of his peers. i am thoroughly, thoroughly impressed with the tunes on here, as i figure most people will be. with the warm, comforting ambient buzz of Mum and the pop sensibility of Passion Pit  (i can definitely hear some AnCo in there as well), i would say Chromatic Flights has quite a future in store. i am fairly stunned at how good this is.

edit: links to two other releases. fuck, this is stellar.

Chromatic Flights – Heavy Stars Will Fall

Chromatic Flights – Memories From The Audible Color Wheel

edit: kyle requested that i put up new art, and also informed me that the track ‘the planets explode’ off of the EP will also be appearing on his band Blind Man Colour‘s Kanine Records (Grizzly Bear, Chairlift, Oxford Collapse) debut.

edit 3 edit with a vengeance: ok, so i technically have to take down the link to the EP up there due to some agreements the artist made, but you can still check out the EP when it gets released for free on monotonik netlabel, and the other releases are still available. thanks for understanding.


3 Responses to “Chromatic Flights – The Favorite Cat EP (2008)”

  1. joe Says:

    the drums are incredibly tribal

  2. cf Says:

    hey thanks! the ep is officially being released in about a week or so on



  3. cf Says:

    hey, its out on monotonik

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