Alias – Resurgam/Muted (2008/2004)


take the sample-heavy drum machine rallying calls of producers like dabrye, wrap it in a blissed-out ambient cloak of plucked guitars and strings and you’ll start getting an idea of what oakland producer alias so masterfully pulls off on his latest. leaving the exercises in subtlety and abstract experimentation for other anticon producers like odd nosdam, alias’ relatively clean, straight-forward approach to hip hop and electronic provides a sound that is as complex and sonically gratifying as it is immediate accessible. yoni wolf’s (why?, hymie’s basement, cLOUDDEAD) pensive falsetto and trademark inward sneer ride atop pulsing bass synths while subdued guitars tangle with alias’ trademark drum machine acrobatics on ‘well water black’. meanwhile, far-from-filler tracks like ‘oakland morning’ and ‘place of no more choices’ are foggy pieces of sound that nicely break up the pace of the album. with resurgam, alias’ immediacy and energy draw you in, while his wide sonic palette and ear for detail ensure you won’t be leaving for awhile.

update: might as well post another one while i’m at it. this is a slightly darker, more percussive sound than on resurgam, but no less effective. markus acher from the notwist guests on ‘unseen sights’.


2 Responses to “Alias – Resurgam/Muted (2008/2004)”

  1. joe Says:

    wtf is “rallying calls” & “ambient cloak”

  2. Brian Says:

    just some meaningful abstract descriptors 2 tell u how the music is supposed to make you ‘feel’

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