it’s not true rufus, don’t listen to the hat.


so lets get back on that horse, take the road less traveled and get away from this town of claustrophobic activity. lets start afresh and leave the embers of this burnt out city on the stunted seeds in which it has poured it’s misplaced trust. lets see from a different perspective the sun, the sky, the moon, the stars, the sea, sand, trees, clouds, train lines, road signs, motorways and slip roads, postcards, dreamy days, winters end and spring beginnings, window seats, cats eyes caught in corner glances,late night adventures, firesides and the dirt grey contrast of the high rise with lights calling us home; an orange glow snaking its path across green fields, towns and cities. drawing lines across maps to open up new sights, sounds, and the infinite possibility of the horizon.

One Response to “it’s not true rufus, don’t listen to the hat.”

  1. Sean Says:

    love this town needs guns. I love right after that poem thign ends the overdriven guitar comes in.

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