Flying Lotus – BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix


Steve Ellison, aka Flying Lotus is one of the best things to happen to instrumental hip hop electronica music in awhile. i heard his most recent magnum opus less than 24 hours before creating my best of ’08 list, and made such a massive impression on me that it instantly became my 5th favorite album of 2008. i wish it had been higher. i really don’t know what else i can say… this guy is a musical genius. i am certain that mr. ellison will go down as one of the pioneers of electronic music, mentioned in the same breath as tom jenkinson (squarepusher), the eoin brothers (boards of canada), and even mr. richard d. james himself. BBC Radio 1 invited FlyLo to perform for their Essential Mix series, where they ask the worlds top DJs and producers to create a 2 hour long DJ mix. obviously, FlyLo’s is a gargantuan, stunning piece of work that twists and turns through all of his influences, from the ephemeral voice of his late aunt Alice Coltrane to experimental contemporaries like Nosaj Thing, FlyLo blends the seemingly disparate parts into an pulsing, organic collage of sounds. get it.


One Response to “Flying Lotus – BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix”

  1. Ryan Says:

    Wow. Wowowow

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