Raphael Saadiq – The Way I See It (2008)


a nice switch up. raphael saadiq got his start around the early 90’s in seminal new jack swing group tony! toni! tone! blessing us with hits like ‘it never rains in southern californina’. in the new millenium, raphael (don’t know which ton_ he was.) made a name for himself in the neo-soul movement, working with the likes of d’angelo to create a more sophisticated, mature take on soul and black music. the way i see it is raphael returning to his roots and influences, and a definite old-timey vibe runs throughout all the songs. these songs sound way more motown ’66 than NYC ’08. far from a rehash, raphael’s smooth vocals and upbeat instrumentation are like a friendly guide to old-time soul. throw this on when your honeydip is around.


4 Responses to “Raphael Saadiq – The Way I See It (2008)”

  1. max Says:

    haha i kinda thought you just being a stoned retard when you were saying you liked this. But its about damn time other white folks started enjoying soul music.

  2. Brian Says:

    haha ouch

  3. Brad Says:

    this is definitely a winner.

  4. Linda Says:

    theres a donut place here called HoneyDip

    also, i like this.

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