find it in your heart of hearts…


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shock mountain


7 Responses to “find it in your heart of hearts…”

  1. joe Says:

    i got really confused seeing that

    did you saw this

  2. JeRrY Says:

    LOLZ! IzThAt Fo ReAlz mY DuDe ShOcKX MoUnTaINS?!
    I AlwAyS tHouGHt sHe WaS a GuY! NoT SUm1s MoM! W/E, StIll AweZUM PoSTs fRoM HeR PAge!

  3. JeRrY Says:

    – JeRrY!

  4. shockmountain Says:

    @ Jerry: You’re dumb.

  5. crumb Says:

    hahaha. man. that confused me. forgot I got a link to this blog from the CTTS boards, and I was making my rounds to my fav music blogs and then i’m like …james?


  6. JeRrY Says:

    LOlAZ! 4 ReAl ThOuGh ScHocxMoUNTuN! WiTCh woN is U?! L0LAz!- JeRrY!

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