show review: Lautrec/Castevet/Hewhocorrupts @ phrat pharm, chicago


EDIT: pics have been added (duh). more from all the bands after the jump and right here (flickr). thanks to icexage on flickr.

so i went to a show last night. i saw some bands in a basement. it was great times. after a bit of a snafu with trains/meeting people/being a stoned retard, we finally made our way out to montrose ave to get our rock on. we missed the first band but got there right in time to see grindcore vets hewhocorrupts tear up. grindcore/powerviolence/whatever isn’t necesarily my bag, but i definitely respect the energy and the fact that these dudes still keep it DIY after years and having pretty solid recognition. even though i thought someone was going to knock the monitors off a shelf and get stabbed by nails, the set went off without a hitch. the suits the band rocks are awesome as well.

next up was castevet, who i was fairly pumped to see after thoroughly enjoying their recorded work (see previous bloggings). holy. fucking. shit. balls. these guys are essentially flawless. from start to finish, the guitars were massive, the energy was maxed out, and the crowd couldn’t have been more pumped. the vocals were all but missing in the mix, but it didn’t matter. i havent been that enraptured by a band’s set since the last time i saw thursday; seriously. the sight of an entire basement of kids with eyes closed rocking back and forth to the melodic stabs and swells of ‘between berwyn and bryn mawr’ was one of the best feelings i’ve had in awhile. pay attention, people; see these guys and pick up their music, because i have a feeling that these guys will be huge in about a year or less. they have a full-length coming out this summer.

finally, crunk/hyphycore friends in lautrec closed out the evening in celebration of their latest 7″ release. i would be hard pressed to call it a good night for them musically, but lautrec catered well to the upbeat, party atmosphere and closed the evening on a fun note.

i’m serious people. keep your eyes open for these bands. chicago is about to come back incredibly hard.





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  1. […] in July 2o07. They have played with some pretty sick bands including Russian Circles, La Dispute, Lautrec, Victor! Fix The Sun, Slingshot Dakota, Mountain Asleep, Algernon Cadwallader, and Pheonix […]

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