the appleseed cast – sagarmatha (2009)


i want to talk about the appleseed cast for a minute. i am 14 years old and i’m just rounding out the end of my freshman year of high school. it hadn’t gone to well and ended up being a pretty good indicator of what the rest of my high school career was going to be like; some good times rising up out of the general fog of immaturity, lack of direction, and disappointments both internal and external. by the time may rolled around and the weather had warmed up, i had had enough of school for the rest of my life. the feeling of futile frustration and resentment that would dominate my life for the next half-decade had been planted and firmly secured.

so on one of these nights in the may of my discontent, i visited a friends house. it was memorial day weekend, which meant the blossom time festival was in full swing. blossom is a festival in my small hometown over the memorial day weekend with parades, a carnival, and other sorts of quaint americana. it’s actually a quite enjoyable time no matter how dated or pointless the tradition becomes. it holds good memories. i can’t remember if it was thursday or friday, but since we were still at the point where getting drunk and partying was still a new and dangerous world to us, we just came back and sat around my friend claire’s fire pit. it looked out over our town from atop a large hill and was quite a view. we sat around the campfire looking out over our town listening to a record called two conversations by a band from lawrence kansas called the appleseed cast. we listened to the whole thing. for about 40 minutes, i forgot how much my life was about to suck for the next 5 years. it is a memory i hold dear to this day.

so this is their new album. it is almost entirely instrumental. it seems to be heavily influenced by british shoegaze and post-punk. there are beats and synthesizers. it sounds like the record mogwai would make if they had grown up in the midwest listening to christie front drive before they discovered bark psychosis and slowdive. it is probably one of the best pieces of music that will be released in 2009.


3 Responses to “the appleseed cast – sagarmatha (2009)”

  1. ms Says:

    i felt exactly the same when i was reading your pıst.. old times.. and the beauty of “two conversations”..

  2. John Says:

    Two Conversations is one of my absolutely favorite albums. Sooo good.

  3. these red roots Says:

    i love appleseed cast, love love love. but like you said; I thought this would have made a better Mogwai record.

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