SUPER POST: Raein Splits/EPs


a collection of hope and broken dreams...

"a collection of hope and broken dreams..."

to round out this little screamo/emo binge we’ve been on as of late, i’d like to present the lesser known works of one of my favorite hardcore acts of all time, Raein. They are from Italy and they have been doing huge things for most of the past decade all over the world, including releasing co-operative efforts with bands from all around the globe. raein’s passion for unity and togetherness exhibited on stage and off is truly inspirational; Raein love emotional punk rock. that probably explains why Raein tend to turn the chaos level up to 11 – nay, 12 – when they are sharing a record with one of their international friends. beneath the turbulence of these songs is something incredibly beautiful and real. raein distill so many human emotions both positive and negative into a cohesive sound that has brought fans of emotional hardcore together for years. let’s hope they don’t stop any time soon.

(special thanks to GoodNoisyCore for most of the album art)

Raein/Phoenix Bodies Split 7″ (2004)

Raein/Daïtro Split 10″ (2004)

Raein/Funeral Diner Split 7″ (2004)

Raein/Lhasa/Daïtro – The Harsh Words As The Sun (2004)


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