giants – they, the undeserving (2007)


i am so pumped to see these guys coming up (w/ The Appleseed Cast @ The Bottom Lounge on February 27th for those in the chicagoland area) in a month, so i figured i’d share. this has to be one of my favorite post rock albums ever. giants are masters at making every aspect of their sound simply lock together to form a tight-knit, cohesive whole. unlike less creative post rock bands, giants don’t have to rely on the quiet-build-loud structure to be captivating. the melodies twist and tumble and fall over each other like rambunctious little boys and girls, until a bright light bursts through as if to bless the entire scene. this music is a celebration of so many different feelings. i have no idea what they originally meant by the album title, but i always interpreted the ‘they’ as humans everywhere. life is a blessing that most of us haven’t really done enough to appreciate and deserve. but we slug on, and the music of bands like Giants make it that much more worth it.


One Response to “giants – they, the undeserving (2007)”

  1. rachel Says:

    thanks! i’ve been looking for this:)

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