A rant.


i want to take a break to rant about something that happened in my New Millenium Studies class (don’t ask) today. our assignment for today was to bring in a meaningful object and explain it’s significance as a segue into our first project on The Self (again, don’t ask). i didn’t really bring anything important to college since i’m not a girl, so i just grabbed my Sony MDRV150 headphones and brought them in and explained how  hearing my band’s final mixes through them for the first time meant alot to me.

that was all fine and dandy, until it was the guy across from me’s turn to go. i already figured this guy was in solid altbag/entry level alt  territory, but he removed all doubt when he opened his mouth.

he also brought a pair of headphones, albeit a much more expensive pair (see below). he prefaced his presentation by explaining that he “also brought in headphones, but mine are a little more meaningful” and then told us all how awesome and expensive they were and how he uses them to have a super authentic music listening experience or some other entry level horseshit that most people i know stopped fooling themselves into thinking a year and a half ago.

i spent the rest of the class kicking myself for not calling him out on being a pretentious fuck because i am a pussy, then came back and blogged about it. fuck.

the end.


11 Responses to “A rant.”

  1. Greg Says:

    I’m sure that guy’s headphones are awesome for listening to John Mayer. Ohhh yeah.

  2. spunj13 Says:

    you’ve got all semester to make him look like the douche he is…

    unless, of course, he beats you to it and demonstrates it all by himself (which he’s already started doing)

  3. I’m sure his father bought them for him. And I’m sure his favourite song is 1,000 Miles by Vanessa Carlton.

  4. Alex Says:

    this is pretty much life summed up isnt it?

    well done

  5. RJ Says:

    Those are some pretty sweet headphones though.

  6. max Says:

    it sounds like you are just jealous that your music listening experiences arent as authentic

  7. julian Says:

    whose would be without such choice listening devices

  8. Patrick Says:

    this was a really good story, in that it effectively made me feel like shit. no sarcasm.

    thanks btw for linking to my blog btw! (stratosphering btw.)

  9. joe Says:

    “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”
    honest abe

    you MAKE music.
    who do you think is really enjoying the more unadulterated signal?

  10. JeRrY Says:

    Yo! BrIaN dO nOt GeT DoWn On YoSeLf!?!! DuDe iS prObZ a JeRk! LoL
    hIs HeaDSpEaKas wErE cooLER thOuGh!
    LoL!- JeRrY

  11. ChrisB Says:

    Yeah, Fuck that dude. You should have kicked him in the balls. He most likely uses them to listen to his moms Barbra Streisand cassettes.

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