why? – alopecia (2008)


and so continues the parade of albums that missed my 2008 radar by mere weeks. it’s a shame that this one did, because it would have easily garnered a spot in the top 10.

i had dabbled in anticon’s roster before, mostly in the work of adam drucker (doseone); cLOUDDEAD and Subtle. while Subtle were a great live act and relatively enjoyable on cd, most of it was too abstract for me to latch onto. luckily, doseone’s counterpart in the anticon family, yoni wolf, has a style that i warmed up to instantly. this record doesn’t break any new ground to speak of; it’s a far cry from the sonic experiments of Subtle or even cLOUDDEAD (which Wolf was a member of as well). instead, why? is yoni wolf’s mind-bending, heart-breaking lyrics wrapped in catchy, intimate indie rock robes. despite wolf’s past and lyrical style and delivery, i wouldn’t really call this hip-hop. the influence is there, but why?’s vibe is altogether different. this record inspired me to revisit much of anticon’s back catalog, as i hope it does for you. yoni wolf, along with doseone and odd nodsam and fog and alias and others in the anticon family have a long history of reinventing indie and hip-hop without rules. alopecia is an immensely detailed and emotional introduction to anticon’s realm of sound.


2 Responses to “why? – alopecia (2008)”

  1. joe Says:

    i never thought of this as hip hop myself
    i mean none of them are even black!

  2. tyler Says:

    inb4 hunter

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