Flying Lotus – Los Angeles (2008)


so i managed to sleep on this album for way too long. it’s a fucking shame, because i have a feeling i won’t be listening to anything else for awhile. i put on this record for the first time earlier today, and i felt the same way i felt the first time i heard drukqs or kid a; like i was being invited to explore and pick at the mind of someone with a near-transcendent grasp on the art of sound.

i can’t even to begin to describe what the nephew of john and alice coltrane does right on this album. you really just have to listen to yourself. this album is overwhelming, claustrophobic, uncomfortable, and beautiful. i’m fully aware that this one of the worst descriptions of any album that i’ve posted on here, but i don’t give  a fuck. because you shouldn’t be reading my words, you should be listening to this music. what on earth are you waiting for? new worlds await you. if anyone tries to tell you that 2008 wasn’t one of the best years of the decade for new music, put this album on for them and tell them to sit down, shut up, and listen.

A musical genius.

Flying Lotus, a.k.a Steve Ellison: A musical genius.


One Response to “Flying Lotus – Los Angeles (2008)”

  1. joe Says:

    george bush doesnt care about black electronica artists

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