SUPER POST vol. 2: Incredible Swedish Pop Music


i’m angry with myself for not giving this the attention it deserves. things have just been real day-to-day, hour-to-hour lately, which is quite different than how it was for the past few months for me.

so instead of posting one album and reviewing it (which i will get back into very soon), i’ll just post some links to some albums that i’ve been enjoying the crap out of lately.

the swedes probably have a pretty good grasp on how cold, dark and boring winter can be, so they’ve become fairly adept at making music that blasts it away with absurdly catchy, drenched in sunshine pop music.

Air France – No Way Down EP (2008)

(link courtesy of

Air France has put out one of the years most critically-acclaimed EPs, and it’s well deserved. i can assure you that you have never heard music this filled with joy. they take just about every happy sound imaginable and build gorgeous, epic pop songs out of them. you need this now.

Studio – Yearbook I (2007)

air france’s gothenburg neighbors Studio draw from much of the same sonic palette as theydo, but manage to mix in sprawling instrumental suites between bouts of pop. touches of electronic pop, jazz, prog, reggae, and afrobeat compile into a formidable, complex, but astonishingly easy to listen to package.

The Tough Alliance – A New Chance (2007)

from one song to the next, you never really know where the tough alliance are going to take you. their brand of everything and the kitchen sink electropop is incredibly fun and compellingly intricate; a lot of thought and time went into these party-starters. more down to earth than either studio or air france but no less impressive, the tough alliance round out this trifecta of swedish powerhouses on a strong, fun note.

so that’s all! keep a look out on new year’s day for my Great In ’08 Mixtape, containing tracks that defined ’08 sound for me.

merry christmas! i love you all.


One Response to “SUPER POST vol. 2: Incredible Swedish Pop Music”

  1. Ryan Says:

    I’m really loving this Studio album

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