as 2008 is ending, so many new things are beginning…


so as some of you may know, the reason the blog has been dormant for the past week or so was due to a bit of an excursion around the eastern United States that i embarked on last friday. it was a great experience overall. in between hours and hours of driving and seeing interstate signs every time i closed my eyes, i managed to spend time with some of the people who mean most to me. it started with a jaunt up to new england, where i spent some time with my amazing friends and amazing band the dear hunter. i was lucky enough to watch them wreck the stage not once, but twice; first with my favorite band of all time at toad’s place in new haven, CT and again the following night at Berklee’s Cafe 939 in Boston, where they headlined. i cannot stress enough how perfect this band is. the utmost talent, the utmost drive to acheieve and challenge themselves, and the utmost humility out of anyone i’ve ever met. a day rarely goes by where i don’t thank the stars that i’m able to call these incredibly talented individuals close friends.

a shot from thursday's set courtesy of futurebreed. see if you can spot anyone you know on the far right of the frame

the dear hunter. some of my best friends, doing what they do best.

from there, i thought my trip was over. as i drove back through an unseasonably warm Connecticut afternoon, i got a call from my dad who convinced me to head down south and visit my family since i “probably didn’t have anything better to do at home” (guilty). i agreed, but first i had to make some other stops. i revisited my friend and guitarist of my band aaron in philadelphia, as well as one of my best friends, kyle, on the jersey shore.

finally, i made the 14+ hour trek down to north carolina, where most of my family resides. after spending some much-needed time with some of my extended family and most importantly, my grandfather, i packed up and headed home, from whence i write to you now.

but the excitement didn’t stop once i got home. i was greeted with not only my family in full-on christmas mode, but also an acceptance letter from columbia college for the spring semester.

i move to my new home, chicago, illinois on january 23rd. life is good.

p.s. i’m eschewing any sort of top albums list for this year. instead i’ll be preparing a list of songs that meant the most to me in 2008 and i’ll put it up for download. i also want you guys to share what music meant the most to you in 2008.

love is all around us. always remember that.


3 Responses to “as 2008 is ending, so many new things are beginning…”

  1. max Says:

    congratulations. post some more music now or now. kthnx

  2. Linda Says:


  3. JeRrY Says:

    Yo D-bErRy! pUt Up tHe MaNfLeSh AlBuM. cOnTaCt Me If YoU dOnT hAvE iT!

    The Dear Hunter is a FUCKING STORY!

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