SUPER POST! Volume I: Lymbyc Systym


sincerest apologies for leaving this blog a tad high and dry for the past week or so. i was dealing with the thanksgiving holidays and generally just loafing about. i have a big problem with motivation as it is and the planets were just not aligning in my internal drive’s favor. in order to make it up to all three of you, i’ve decided to make the inaugural SUPER POST of WWWY&B, where instead of just one album, i give you the band’s entire discography to enjoy. the band worthy of this enormous honor? tempe, arizona’s Lymbyc Systym. let us continue.

made up of fraternal duo Jared and Michael Bell, LS have been doing the damn thing since they released their debut EP Carved By Glaciers in 2006. the compelling blend of bedroom electronics, live drums, organic samples, and a post-rock sense of grandiosity led them to tours with the album leaf, the one AM radio, her space holiday, and this will destroy you, with whom they released a stunning split EP, Field Studies, earlier this year.

i can’t wait to hear more material from these dudes. as i sit here listening to their full-length Love Your Abuser, i can’t decide wether i want to nod my head along to the beats and melodies, explore the details and layers of the music, or marvel at the scale of it all. this is thinking music; it challenges and invites you deeper inside without ever alienating. incredible stuff, really. enjoy.

(albums after the jump)

Lymbyc Systym/This Will Destroy You – Field Studies Split EP (2008)

Love Your Abuser (2007)

Love Your Abuser Remixed (2008)

(contains tracks from love your abuser remixed by such artists as the one AM radio, the album leaf, this will destroy you, and more)

Carved By Glaciers EP (2006)

One Response to “SUPER POST! Volume I: Lymbyc Systym”

  1. Jose Says:

    I saw them at B-side last summer playing with The One Am Radio. they were pretty good. have not listened to anything new from them since then, thanks for the heads up.

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