françoise hardy – comment te dire adieu? (1968)


many thanks to my good friend brad for filling me in on the work of this gorgeous french pop singer. she rose to prominance in the 60’s and has continue to foster appeal until the present day. comment te dire adieu? (how do you say goodbye?) was her last album of the 60’s and contains renditions of songs by fellow french pop legend serge gainsbourg (‘comment te dire adieu’, ‘l’anamour’) and leonard cohen’s ‘suzanne’, which she completely reinvents in her native language.

i know this is a pretty big step out of the box for me. you aren’t going to be rocked by this. you aren’t going to be blown away. but i can promise that if you approach the music with an open mind, francoise’s angelic voice and the gorgeous compositions will take you to another world, where snow falls quietly on the majestic seine while you sip cafe au lait on the streets of 1960’s paris.


One Response to “françoise hardy – comment te dire adieu? (1968)”

  1. joe Says:

    i cant understand any of the lyrics, brian

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