kanye west – 808’s and heartbreak (2008)


i promise i’m not posting this so that i can leech hits from the leakage of this album today. i mean, it comes out in only 5 days anyways, so it didn’t even really ‘leak’ per se. i just really, really want people to listen to this since it’s one of the most personal, sonically interesting, and impressive albums to hit the mainstream music world in quite some time. this is kanye west’s kid a.

lots of people were skeptical when they heard that kanye would be employing lots of autotuned, synthesized vocals, thinking it was going to turn kanye into a top 40 robot like t-pain. they could not be farther from the truth. the autotuned vocals are woven thoughtfully into the fabric of the album, and they match the cold, distant attitude better than anything.

without a doubt, this is kanye’s most personal album. his fiery, show-off persona is almost entirely absent. 808’s is a view into kanye’s emotional struggles, which i assume have a lot to do with the passing of his mother over the past year. on album closer ‘longest winter’, the warm synth filter can’t cover up kanye’s desperation when he belts ‘goodbye my friend, will i ever love again?’. it’s really humbling to watch someone on top of the world open themselves up so much on record. the guest spots are kept to a minimum, but three out of the four are great. kid cudi’s contribution to the hook on ‘welcome to heartbreak’ works for the song, and lil wayne’s slyly fierce turn on ‘see you in my knightmares’ is one of his most unique and interesting appearances in recent memory. mr. hudson (whoever that is) also adds some nice harmonies to the hook of the upbeat ‘paranoid’. only young jeezy fails to adapt to 808’s dark and intimate nature, with his usual bravado on ‘amazing’ sounding awkwardly out of place. but now i’m nitpicking. (hindsight from a week later: i regret writing this, this song and jeezy’s verse have grown on me quite a bit.)

this was the record that kanye needed to make. 808’s and Heartbreak officially seals him in as one of, if not the greatest, innovator in hip hop and popular music this decade. no matter what your thoughts on kanye or mainstream music, any music fan should find something to enjoy here.

edit: i realize this got taken down. i’ll reupload it as soon as possible. i probably should have thought to name it something less conspicuous.

edit 2: the link should be back up. enjoy. (ignore the file name)


11 Responses to “kanye west – 808’s and heartbreak (2008)”

  1. Ryan Says:

    Great write up.

    Thanks for posting this, I’ve been so excited for it after hearing “Streelights” and “Amazing”.

  2. bakfitty Says:

    i thought this is Kanye’s OK Computer, but other than that, i completely agree with everything you wrote. 🙂

  3. Alex Says:

    thanks for posting this, been very skeptical like you said, but im sure this will impress.

  4. max Says:

    so i tried to download this and accidentally hit cancel instead of save and when i tried again, it was taken down

  5. Jeff Says:

    I’ve never been a fan of Kanye.

    but if this is his Kid A, i’ll check it out.

  6. Brian Says:


    i’ll be reuploading it with a less conspicuous file name ASAP. i assume mediafire did a pretty wide sweep of anything resembling the album on their recent uploads.

    look for “grandmasfloridatrip2006.rar” in the near future.

  7. joe Says:

    i saw the album cover recently and it had wings added to the heart
    just an observation

  8. Brian Says:

    yeah, that’s the limited edition cover or some shit. i’ve seen a few going around. i personally like the one with no wings, but with kanye’s name and the album title because the font is mad classy.

  9. coco Says:

    I was wondering if you could put it up once more? :/
    I really want the cd and I just cant find it… 😦

  10. Brian Says:

    it’s back up. enjoy.

  11. coco Says:

    hey thank you!
    i dunno what wrong with mediafire for me but somehow it’s not working once i wanna start the download…

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