meet me in st. louis – variations on swing (2007)


i’m going to remember the first time i heard meet me in st. louis like a young virgin girl the first time she is deflowered; i didn’t realize how much it would hurt but damn, it felt good. MMISL and I met somewhere on the internet, and they seemed pretty nice at first. the name and album art was unassuming enough, and i knew they hung out with my laid-back, sensitive friends yndi halda and this town needs guns on UK label Big Scary Monsters. all signs pointed to someone friendly and kind,  someone who would relax and cuddle with you, talk about your feelings, and stare into your eyes and tell you how beautiful you are.

boy, was i wrong.

the second i let meet me in st. louis into my ears, they manhandled me into in submission and used me like a two-cent whore. they didn’t ask how i felt. they didnt stare into my eyes and tell me they loved me while slowly and courteously entering my ears. no fucking way. for fourty four and a half minutes, they ravaged me with rapid fire guitar stabs and threw me around like a rag doll with their tail-spinning fighter jet drums. after it all passed, i lay there gasping for breath, trying to wrap my head around what they had just done to me. part of me felt violated and diminished, but mostly i just basked in the warm glow of pleasure.

everyone remembers their first time.


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