the rapture – pieces of the people we love (2006)


i usually try to refrain from posting bands that are already super famous; bands that most people who would be on the internet looking for music on blogs probably already have their mind made up about. but i’m putting the rapture’s pieces of the people we love up because i feel like there aren’t many bands around these days who are as fun yet forward thinking as the rapture. their first album, echoes, played a large part in bringing infectious dance-punk to the mainstream and pieces of the people we love further established them as the unopposed leaders of the movement. we’ve seen some powerful dance records over the past few years from the likes of LCD Soundsystem and Cut Copy, but to me they’ve failed to capture the raw energy and bliss of the rapture. they don’t pander their self-importance through mystery and obnoxious tongue-in-cheekery (ahem, Mr. Murphy) while refusing to let their music become mere novelty. people might disagree with me on that last point, but the rapture let the music speak for itself.


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