liars – liars (2007)


Liars are easily one of my best discoveries of 2008. to me, they are a band that fully represents the new millenium. the three globe-trotting members (australia by way of new york by way of berlin by way of LA etc.) of liars firmly stake out their territory on their fourth rendezvous. apparently discontent with both their dance-punk (2002’s they threw us all in a trench and threw a monument on top) and concept-laden experimental (2005’s drum’s not dead) forays, they’ve decided to refine themselves and cut away any excess for their self-titled thesis statement. while liars’ signature filthily distorted bass and guitar and angus andrew’s dynamic vocals remain largely intact, they’ve remodeled the structure underneath that’s as svelte and straightforward as trench while still able to accomodate for the dynamics and sonic experimentation of their later work. what you get is a dark, energetic, at times mysterious body of songs that perfectly score the unsure times we live in today.


One Response to “liars – liars (2007)”

  1. Ripley Says:

    You ever checked this one???
    You ever listened to them???

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