sigur rós – hvarf/heim (2007)


i assume that many already have a made up mind on sigur rós’ dreamy brand of crystalline rock. their latest full length Með Suð Í Eyrum Við Spilum Endalaust has already earned a secure spot on my best of 2008 year end list. these two EPs came packaged together and coincided with the realease of the band’s stunning documentary, Heima. the film completely changed my view on the band, somehow making me love them even more. Hvarf samples the band’s unreleased catalog, which i assume is probably large. howevever, Heim is the real gem of the package, containing intimate, acoustic recordings of some of their biggest songs that are reminiscent of the small-town performances in Heima. when the band takes the celestial power of a song like staralfur and condenses it and purifies it to it’s emotional core, they never fail to impress on yet another level. this double EP is an enjoyable deeper look into sigur ros and a wonderful compliment to the stunning Heima.


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