pivot – o soundtrack my heart (2008)


warp records has always been the at the front lines of electronica. the home of aphex twin, squarepusher, autechre and boards of canada (to name a few), warp has been expanding the horizons of electronic-based music since the early 90’s. from that high watermark, they’ve grown even further, offering contracts to forward thinking acts from all over the musical spectrum, like battles and grizzly bear. the uk label now reigns over both the electronic and indie rock worlds with a mighty fist, so the arrival of a band like pivot who attempt to form a bridge between two worlds, was only a matter of time.

this australian foursome don’t make much of an effort to hide their influences; they’ve obviously been raised on not only warp’s alumni of electronica pinoeers, but also on the new wave post punk of bands like the talking heads and televsion. their voiceless blend of angular, distorted guitar stabs, taut drums, and woozy atmospherics via retro synthesizers combine into sterile yet exciting pieces.

pivot have come surprisingly close to mastering their craft on their debut album. it takes a very special touch to hearken back to bygone eras of music while sounding fresh and unique, but pivot manage to accomplish just that and more.

One Response to “pivot – o soundtrack my heart (2008)”

  1. jared Says:

    2nd release by these guys though first on warp. “Make me love you” came before this and definitely should be listened to.

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